Future mobility


We are ESUS Mobility, the new disruptive option for last mile deliveries

We believe that sustainability and efficiency are the future of transportation. We are committed to the future, and we work to make it happen, not only as a social responsibility but also as a profitable product.


Key Insights

Volume capacity

is more important than

weight capacity


Key Insights

Renting services

with maintenance and spare vehicle

services are very atractive


Key Insights


is a very important factor

to consider


We are driven by values

We are a company that seeks to improve the mobility in urban spaces, reinterpreting new features for common uses.


Our idea surges as an solution for the last mile problems that have been surging with the increase of the ecommerce in the world, that not only generate environmental and traffic problems, but also make this the most expensive stage on the delivery chain.

With ESUS we convert micro mobility into sustainability by reducing the need to use vehicles with a larger load capacity and / or are less sustainable.

Our products

General model,Last mile delivery,Public service



  • Steering system: Electronic with independent traction on the rear wheels.
  • Max Power: 1000W (2 500W motors)
  • Wheels: 2 10 “wheels and 1 8” wheel
  • Batteries: 36V 20ah (removable)
  • Max load: 150 Kg. Or 350 Liters of volume
  • Fairing: Front and wheel fenders.
  • Lights: 2 front LED lights and rear stop light.
  • Max Speed: 25 Km / h
  • Autonomy: According to batteries to choose, 20 – 45 Km
  • Suspension: In the front wheel with two shock absorbers
  • Brake system: doble, with an electronic and mechanical (disk) system
  • Maximum slope: 20%
  • Structure: Stainless steel chassis and sustainable woods.
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